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January 11, 2024

Saban Center Congratulates Coach Nick Saban on His Retirement

Terry Saban and Nick Saban

Nick Saban leaves the University of Alabama after a historic coaching career

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (Jan. 11, 2024) – Saban Center congratulates Coach Nick Saban, a titan of college football and one of the most influential individuals in the state of Alabama, as he retires after 17 seasons as the University of Alabama’s head football coach. During his tenure, Coach Saban not only led the Crimson Tide to unparalleled successes, but also impacted countless lives through his family’s philanthropic efforts across the state, including the development of Saban Center. 

Throughout their relationship, Coach Saban and wife Ms. Terry Saban have held a steadfast dedication to education and impacting the next generation in real, tangible ways. Their love for education and creating spaces where children can create, explore and grow can be traced back to the very beginning of their lives, from Ms. Terry’s calling as a teacher to the lessons Coach Saban’s father instilled in him at a young age. Through the creation of Saban Center, they are developing a truly innovative center for STEM and the arts education that will only further cement his standing as one of the state’s great leaders.

“From the day Nick and I set foot in Tuscaloosa in 2007, we were welcomed with open arms. We didn’t just find the next step in his coaching career – we found a home, a welcoming community to love and a state ready to accomplish greatness. And it’s time for us to give back,” said Ms. Terry. “While it’s bittersweet to see this part of our lives come to a close, our home remains in Alabama, and Coach’s dedication to the people of this great state will continue through Saban Center.”

The relentless effort and attention to detail that served Coach Saban throughout his coaching career will also be evident in the development of Saban Center and impact generations to come.

“It’s impossible to express the City of Tuscaloosa’s heartfelt gratitude and deep respect for Coach Nick Saban.  Beyond the unparalleled successes and countless championship trophies hoisted, Coach and Ms. Terry played a pivotal role in rebuilding our community after the April 27, 2011, tornado and shaping our next generation through the Nick’s Kids Foundation.  The Sabans’ continued commitment to our children is only going to get stronger.  Next fall, construction will begin on Saban Center, and when it opens, it will be an elite and immersive hub for tens of thousands of students and teachers annually preparing them for science, technology, engineering, arts and math.”

Saban Center is proud to partner with Coach and Ms. Terry to continue their legacy and extend our deepest appreciation for their monumental impact on the City of Tuscaloosa and the State of Alabama. To learn more about Saban Center and its impact on Alabama, please visit