Saban Center News
August 9, 2021

Nick’s Kids Avenue Street Renaming Jubilee


Updated: Aug 20

To make the Saban Center possible for the future of Tuscaloosa’s children, the Saban family pledged $1 million to the project, and Nick’s Kids Foundation pledged another $250,000. As a small thank you to everything the Nick’s Kids Foundation has done and continues to do for Tuscaloosa, the City renamed 28th Ave. (the future home of the Saban Center) to “Nick’s Kids Avenue!

To celebrate, on Thursday, August 5 the City and Nick’s Kids Foundation hosted a “Street Renaming Jubilee!”

Nick’s Kids Foundation was founded by the Saban family in 1998 to honor Nick Saban, Sr. During the street renaming ceremony, Coach Saban said “The number one lesson that my dad preached was always have compassion for other people. I’m very proud of the fact that I have a partner in Ms. Terry and a lot of people in this community who have continued that legacy.”